How I almost married a psycopath(an anonymous story)

By: Providence Enoghase / March 12th, 2024 / 56 views

This is why you should beware of online meet-ups

I met a man on Instagram and we started talking he wasn’t showing any form of love interest we just vibed and share reels on Instagram. All of a sudden he asked for my WhatsApp contact and I gave him because we’ve known each other for 2months online
After he collected my number we started talking more and he said he had fallen in love with me since he saw me
I didn’t find it strange because it’s a normal thing. After one whole month of persuasion I decided to go visit him he took me to an eatery and promised that next time it will be his house
I didn’t still find anything wrong so we continue talking.
He started talking about marriage and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I was happy because I too was of age to get married
Everything changed on the day he proposed to me, I had decided in my mind to say yes if he should propose . He took me out for a dinner date. While on dinner date the waiter was delaying us. This man stood up and started walking up and down he was very restless and this wasn’t normal I was shocked and told him to calm down that it wasn’t up to that
He went out and came back in and walked to meet the waiter after coming back he started itching his arms in a strange manner and his eyes where all red with anger. When the waiter brought the food he(the waiter)was bleeding from his mouth immediately I knew it was him that did that as I tried confronting him he picked a knife threatening to kill me if I interfere in his business. The next thing I heard was you better prepare to marry me, he dropped the ring on the table and walked away from the restaurant I was so scared and I ran away. He has been trying to reach me apologizing that he was mad at first and now he’s threatening to find me if I don’t unblock him or take his calls. I blocked him everywhere and I don’t think he can ever find me I’ve relocated but I’m still leaving in fear
I need your advice guys?

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