DINO MELAYE’S LUXURY OASIS: Inside His Lavish Automated Carport

By: Chiziterem Bethrand / March 26th, 2024 / 14 views


Former Senator’s Opulent Display of Power and Prestige

In a spectacle of opulence that echoes his larger-than-life persona, former Senator Dino Melaye has unveiled his latest indulgence: an extravagant automated carport to house his prized fleet of luxury cars.

From a living room adorned with sleek vehicles to a carport fit for royalty, Melaye’s passion for luxury knows no bounds.

Unveiling the Oasis of Luxury: Nestled outside his majestic mansion, Dino Melaye’s automated carport stands as a testament to his unapologetic love affair with luxury automobiles.

With a reported cost of 35 million Naira, this architectural marvel showcases at least 13 of Melaye’s coveted cars in a symphony of elegance and excess.

A Glimpse Inside Melaye’s Living Room: Before the emergence of the automated carport, Melaye’s living room served as a sanctuary for his beloved vehicles, in a bold move that blurred the lines between functionality and flamboyance, the former Senator adorned his living space with luxury cars and power bikes, turning them into veritable pieces of living room furniture.

From Living Room to Carport: Explaining his unconventional choice, Melaye once quipped, “It’s part of the furniture in the living room, they enjoy the AC I enjoy too.” With an affinity for the extravagant, he envisioned a living space where his prized possessions could be both admired and enjoyed, seamlessly integrated into his daily life.

A Playground for Power Bikes: But Melaye’s love for luxury extends beyond four wheels, his living room boasts an impressive collection of power bikes, including the iconic Davidson and the lightning-fast Hayabusa, complete with a crocodile seat.

For Melaye, these mechanical marvels are not mere modes of transportation but expressions of his indomitable spirit and thirst for adventure.

As Dino Melaye continues to push the boundaries of extravagance, his automated carport stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to living life on his own terms, with each luxury car and power bike meticulously curated to reflect his larger-than-life persona, Melaye’s oasis of luxury serves as a beacon of inspiration for all who dare to dream beyond the ordinary.

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