TAX EVASION ALLEGATIONS ROCK BINANCE: Top Official’s Arraignment Delayed

By: Chiziterem Bethrand / April 4th, 2024 / 10 views


In a shocking turn of events, the arraignment of a key figure from Binance Holdings Limited, Tigran Gambaryan, hit a roadblock today, April 4th.

Because the charges against him were delayed in reaching his hands.Gambaryan finds himself at the center of a legal storm, accused alongside Nadeem Anjarwalla (who was notably absent from court) of dodging taxes.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) spearheads the allegations, claiming Gambaryan failed to play by the tax rules.

But here’s the twist: the courtroom drama couldn’t even kick off properly because Gambaryan hadn’t even received the charges yet.

It’s a tale of intrigue and suspense that’s sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, as the legal battle unfolds, all eyes are on Binance, one of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency world.

Will Gambaryan emerge unscathed, or will this scandal send shockwaves through the industry? Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops.

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